Ballet is one of the most physically demanding of all dance styles, and as such, is a wonderful way for young children to gain strength, improve flexibility and stay fit. It teaches them how to stand correctly and walk with grace and poise – qualities that will be of benefit to them for years to come, even if they choose to explore other activities. We offer classes for children from the age of 2 and a half upwards. Sprites ballet uses imagery and fun exercises to explore different movements, learn the basics of Ballet and make new friends. When they move into Pre-Primary they will be introduced to the ISTD Ballet Syllabus. They will then work through the Grades as they progress. The ISTD syllabus is a great way for children to focus on their technique in a fun and productive environment and also offers the opportunity for them to take their first exam.



Modern is a fun, creative and highly energetic style of dance. Again it offers great social opportunities for children to meet people of similar interests work towards their own goals and develop another dance technique. We follow the ISTD Modern theatre syllabus and offer exams in this. The syllabus includes a lot of traveling steps, such as kicks, turns, leaps etc and often includes unset dance sequences. Modern dance can also encompass current chart music into the classes.



Tap dance is a great way for children to develop a sense of ryhthm. Using their feet they will learn to create different and distinct sounds using the ISTD Syllabus. They will then learn to create new and exciting rhythms and have fun exploring a new skill. Tap dance can give a real sense of achievement when students acomplish a new rhythm or step. Students can also choose to take exams in tap.



Street Dance is a very current and popular style of dance. It is choreographed by the teacher and the classes use up to date music. It is an opportunity for students to develop performance skills and express themselves through a more free style of dance. They may also get the chance to show their own choreographic skills.


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. In this class students will develop all three skills needed in Musical Theatre – Dance, Singing, Acting. It is a thoroughly enjoyable skill where children can become different characters and often through this find a new sense of confidence.


Private Singing Lessons

Private singing lessons are a fantastic opportunity for those who already have a natural singing voice and need to learn the skills to control it. Alternatively, students who love singing but find it quite an un-nerving experience, can also benefit from a huge leap in confidence! Through a one to one session with the teacher, students will learn exercises to strengthen and control their voice, good posture for singing, ways to manage nerves and get the chance to perform songs that interest them as well as those the teacher chooses for them. Within a few sessions their confidence will have doubled!